Secure payment

Secure payment

Our trusted payment gateway service provider is PayFast. This is to ensure all transactions are handled safe and secure.

PayFast is a leading online payment processing solution for individuals, NPOs and businesses of all sizes in South Africa. They are dedicated to enabling the easy, secure and instant transfer of money to online merchants to help them grow, develop and succeed in the digital economy.

PayFast security protocols are as, if not more, robust than South African banks:

CI-DSS Level 1 Compliant

All your customers' credit card payments are done in our secure environment. 

Secure servers

Our website, payments page and help site are hosted on secure servers, safeguarding against phishing attacks. 

3D Secure

This extra layer of security is used for all online transactions using a credit card. 

GEO IP Tracking

By monitoring where transactions originate from we can look for mismatches with the card’s issuing country. 

BIN/IIN Validation

Checks the card-issuing bank locations and merchants can choose to enable/disable payments from certain countries. 

Fraud Reviews

All suspicious transactions are manually reviewed by our support team. 

Extended Validation SSL

We use Extended Validation SSL with 2048-bit encryption, the highest level encryption available. 

ASV Scans on a weekly basis

We run weekly network scans to look for new possible vulnerabilities and certify quarterly. 

Two-factor authentication

This extra layer of security is available to restrict access to your PayFast account. 

Validation checks

Payments and card details are automatically checked against large online databases of blacklisted details. 

Web application firewall

PayFast utilises WAF technologies to detect and stop malicious activity before it reaches our servers.

How does it work ?

You make an EFT payment into PayFast`s account with the reference number provided from them and they send us confirmation to authorise your order with us instantly.

Shop with confidence online

Please visit PayFast at PayFast - for more info.