About Us

Arms & Wildlife (Reg. No. 2020 / 849771 / 07) is a South African company, bringing solutions to market that helps civilian firearm owners manage their firearm lifestyle, save time, keep informed and save money. Built on personal experience, Arms & Wildlife is poised to change the way consumers interact with SAPS, market service providers and help solve the major challenges threatening our firearm industry.

Our innovative piece of technology will provide market service providers with an intelligent advertising and marketing tool, creating exposure to the firearm, hunting and outdoor consumer market. We are a market leader in developing innovative solutions for civilian firearm owners and create tangible exposure for market related service providers.

Our dedication to innovation has positioned us as a driving market force in several key technology areas. Arms & Wildlife empowers and inspires people to expand their horizons and more easily achieve their goals through smart technology. Arms & Wildlife is based in Centurion, GP.